Our mission


We want to engage, encourage and empower the young people and the youth culture of Bishop’s Stortford.

We believe that in order to influence or change something you first need to engage with it. Therefore in order to engage the young people of Bishop’s Stortford we will look to use Thirst Youth Café as a place for Young People to build strong and trustworthy relationships with positive and responsible role models. This also means having an attitude of constantly learning about the current youth culture so as to remain relevant and therefore appealing.

Our vision is to not simply engage the young people of the town but to also encourage and empower them, their talents and abilities and their culture. We believe that Young People should have a voice and be heard and we want to facilitate this at Thirst. This means promoting the young people in the arts, media and musically and offering them a space to express this creativity. We want to encourage young people to pursue excellence without having to be perfect.

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Elliot - 12

“Before I came to Thirst I was real nervous and not very confident, but since I’ve joined the Young Volunteer’s Scheme my confidence has gone up by 10 million per cent! And it has even made me want to do more things out of the house like air cadets and dog walking!”

Finally our vision is to empower the young people and the youth culture within Bishop’s Stortford. We do not simply want to build relationships but influential relationships that help to point young people in the right direction and stir them to grow and reach their full potential. This could be physically, educationally, emotionally or spiritually.

“We want to be a safe place, where all people are honoured, where creative expression is encouraged and where young people are inspired to positive change.”

A safe place where young people can flourish and grow and this means creating an environment where young people are kept physically safe, emotionally safe and spiritually safe. Ultimately we will create a place where young people are safe to be themselves.

A place where all people are honoured and where people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds are valuable and worth investing in.

A place where creative expression is encouraged with the goal being excellence and not perfection. It will be a place where young people are encouraged to find their passions and gifts and a place where these creative expressions can be expressed. Thirst will provide a platform for art, media, music and performance and indeed the environment itself will be a place that is shaped by the young people of Bishop’s Stortford.

A place where all those involved in the project are inspired to positive change. Young people are the leaders of the next generation and as such we see it as our responsibility to inspire them to grow into all that they can be and reach their full potential.